Victorian Moon 2 Oz. Spray

Our versatile spray can be used to freshen up the air, linens and of course, the psyche!  This 2 oz amber glass bottle is filled with distilled water, alcohol, essential oils and gemstones in a perfect travel size for spritzing anytime, anywhere! 

2 oz. Spray $16.00

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Creativity • Decisions • Dreams • Employment • Focus • Friendship • Grounding • Happiness • Healing • Inspiration • Love • Luck • Negotiations • Obstacles • Peace • Protection • Purification • Quiet • Romance • Spirituality • Strength • Study • Success • Transformation • Truth • Visions • Wisdom • Wishes

Victorian Moon .33 Oz. Roll On

This .33 oz Roll on is intended for use specifically as a body oil.  The ease of rolling the ball across the skin will bring instant gratification releasing essential oils where you decide with precision! The clear glass bottle contains apricot oil, essential oils and gemstones and is pocket sized for discreet and quick application. 

.33 oz. Roll On $9.00

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Victorian Moon .25 oz. Oil

A perfectly sized oil for a hundred uses will be your favorite go to for everything!  Anoint candles, add to a water diffuser, 
put a drop on a hankie, run a bit through your hair, place on pulse points, or use your imagination! Go wild!  Our 1/4 oz amber glass vial contains apricot oil, essential oils and gemstones. Does not have a dropper top. 

.25 oz. Oil $6.00​​


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